Thursday, August 14, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Today is fifteenth of August 2014. As I browsing the net I found a website that basically catch my attention which is I found that Scribd could be a personal Digital Library wherever you'll have your unlimited access to the world’s largest assortment of e-books and written works. And as I viewing the positioning I saw this book whose author is Barbara Ann Kipfer.

Thanks to this book as a result of I learned plenty and that i wish to share all my favorites word of knowledge I even have scan.

Love your work,and you will find pleasure in mastering it.
Act the part and you will become apart.
Be Yourself.
Plan your Work and work your Plan.
Don’t take Life or Death too seriously.
Love all, Trust a Few, and Hurt no one.
Leave nothing for tomorrow that you can do today.
Most things in life are taken for granted.
Teaching someone to do something is like relearning it yourself.
Remember where you came from.
A teachers job is to make her/his students smarter than he/she.
Scribble down your thoughts as you have them.
Personality open doors, characters keep them open.
When you really like someone tell them.
No person experiences an emotion that has not already been felt by someone else.
Understand more than you explain.
You’re as young as you feel.
Dreams should always be optimistic.
Lying is usually more difficult than telling the truth.
Your health is affected by whether you forgive or not.
It’s better to live happy than to die sad.
You can be someone who can be loved.
If you know nothing say nothing.
Know more about yourself than other people know about you.
Don’t apologize for being early.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

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