Monday, November 10, 2014

Willie Evangelista - Man Buys 99 iPhone To Propose : The Girl says No

He got 99 iphones however gettin' hitched ain't done.

With "Singles' Day" approaching in China (Nov. 11), one man thought the time was right to attempt to get married with his better half, keeping them both from needing to partake in any future 11/11 celebrations.

As a cornerstone of the youthful software engineer's marriage proposal were 99 iphones 6's set on the ground and organized as a heart. The setup, as reported by The Nanfang, cost the affection love-bitten chap two years' compensation (about $82,000).

Anyway that obviously wasn't sufficient. She said no. Siri, how would you patch a broken heart?

Whether our once-confident husband to be likes it or not, pictures of the eventually dismal occasion (seen above) are up on the Chinese microblogging webpage Weibo.

Obviously, with a bushel of iphones that size, we're not persuaded he has any true motivation to feel excessively mooched. As indicated by a late study, one in five men would really rather have an iphone 6 than a lady friend. Also that number is even up from a year ago's review about the iphone 5s, where one in eight said they would swear off the delicate touch of a lady for another Touch ID-prepared Apple telephone.

In this way, whether our blue man winds up peddling these telephones one by one to make back oodles of cash, or simply chooses that 99 Siris are superior to one genuine wife, we get the feeling that he'll be OK at last. Recall that, its better to have adored and lost 99 iphones than never to have loved at all.