Saturday, October 11, 2014

J Co Donuts

My friend and I went to watch movie last Saturday.  A short time later we had dessert at J Co donuts in SM Mega mall.  I needed to attempt them in light of the fact that they are new to the Philippines, and many individuals were raving about the taste.

I ordered Al Capone and Green Tease while my friends requested Avocado and Chocolate Crunch. The flavors are fascinating yet…  Krispy Kreme is still the best for me. I would order J Co donuts on the level of Gonuts Donuts. J Co is at times excessively sweet like their mark Al Capone, it really didn’t do it for me. And the Green Tease was weird, I don't think it precisely caught the green tea enhance however I preferred the velvety filling inside. The mixture of the donuts is simply OK, nothing extraordinary. In insight into the past I think I like Gonuts better.

I am happy I went however. I can at long last put it off my psyche. Next time I am wanting desserts I will either go to Krispy Kreme or Chewy Junior, both of which are available in Makati! :