Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mcdonald's Mcrib is Now Available in the Philippines -Willie Evangelista

 Everyone knows that I'm a burger fanatic, right? Also I never hid the truth that I'm a big fan of McDonald's. I was so famished to the point that I chose to snatch something from the closest Mcdonald's to hold me over till dinner time. It was then that I tried the somewhat legendary "McRib".

At whatever point we would discuss the Mcrib, I would float off, and tell a story, and then lost in a one moment. I asked myself, when would I be able to hold that delicious sandwich in my hands one more.. Possibly it was never intended to be.. Or maybe it was just a fantasy.

Well now is the ideal time to wake up and smell the BBQ Sauce!

I'm keeping in touch with you with tears in my eyes, and I am pleased to report that the Mcrib is at last available in the Philippines!!!!

 If case you're wondering what precisely the McRib is, it's a pork patty slathered in a smokey-sweet BBQ sauce, then tucked between a lightly dusted five inch Roll, and finished with pickles and chopped onions. It got its name because when it was created, it was meant to look like a rack of ribs.

The Filipino version doesn't have the same strong smokey punch that I remember, and is a tad bit sweeter.For the individuals who aren't not fanatics of sweet-meets-flavorful, the acid on the pickles give a nice balance to it. Although personally, I preferred it sans the pickles. This is something I would definitely order again! And for the price, (P129 Small Value Meal/P150 Medium Value Meal/P167 Large Value Meal), I think it's a really great deal!!