Monday, October 13, 2014

Willie Evangelista - #GoogleMoLang

We generally hear the line "Google mo lang" from individuals when we asked things that they even themselves can't answer the inquiry we asked them. Like will it rain this evening, or what's the transformation of 50 gallons to liters and like that. Google mo lang or check Google will forever our responses for things we don't know and we need to know. Furthermore with that Google Philippines chose to make a fun approach to appreciate Google Search they turned into our moment arrangements with such a variety of things with an intuitive pick your own particular experience like diversion called "#googlemolang".

With the intelligent amusement that includes Google Search it will give everybody the opportunity to realize what we can really do with this gimmick and how it is compelling for us who are searching for answers from the easy to entangled request. Also with the assistance of the Internet humorists Mikey Bustos, Marco Ho or Bogart the Explorer and his director Jako de Leon, and restaurateur Erwan Heusaff together with OPM band Sponge Cola and heartthrob bunch Chicser looking with the #googlemolang internet diversion will be fun. Simply visit and it will undertake a pick your own particular exploit sort situations and at the end it relates to a marker that you can impart on social networking. There are 8 stories that relates to 8 symbols.

Aside from the Google Mo Lang internet amusement, Google reported that they make looking less demanding to the nitizens including the Google Now that can be found on Android controlled gadgets. Ryan Morales, Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager said they will make a point to listen to the needs of online clients to further conform to their needs and provide for them the administration they needed.