Thursday, September 18, 2014

Willie Evangelsita - 5 Unusual ways Facebook Can be Bad for your Health

Now, ask yourself, how much time do you spend in front of the computer just so you can check your Facebook?
Once you’ve answered the above question, ask yourself: Is that your final answer? C’mon, you know you spend more time on Facebook! And that’s what just might get you in trouble.

5 ways Facebook can be bad for your health

Different companies restrict access to Facebook and other social networks because it decreases productivity. Sociologists also believe excessive Facebook use should now be deemed a legit form of addiction.
Perhaps studies should be conducted to establish a correlation between Facebook and different medical conditions.In the meantime, I want to share some of the reasons why Facebook may be bad for your health.

1.Using facebook may lead to deep venous thrombosis.

When you use Facebook for hours on end, you are sitting down for prolonged periods of time. This lack of physical activity can lead to venous stasis, especially in more dependent areas of the body such as your legs. Venous stasis may lead to a condition called deep venous thrombosis where blood clots are formed in the veins of your legs. These blood clots can later dislodge and travel to other areas of your body, such as your brain (causing a stroke) or your heart (causing a heart attack). Tip: If your legs look swollen, it may be a sign of venous stasis.

2.Facebook use may lead to weight gain and obesity.

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that the longer you watch TV, the more you will gain weight. The study also said that every extra hour spent watching TV may lead to more than 2 pounds of body fat increase. There is a theory that low lipoprotein lipase activity in the skeletal muscles, such as in prolonged sitting, coupled with low glucose uptake, may explain why sitting can lead to weight gain.

3.Execessive Facebook use may lead to mechanical low back pain.

A cohort study found that prolonged sitting is related to the development of low back pain. The ligaments, bones, and other tissues of the spine develop signs of cumulative trauma.

4.Facebook use may lead to asthenopia.

That’s the medical term for eye strain, by the way. When you look at something up-close for long periods of time, the muscles in your eyes try to sustain the shape of your lenses. This prolonged muscle activity leads to muscle strain in the eyes, manifesting as visual problems.

5. Too much Facebook use may lead to behavioral changes.

Imagine coming across a picture of your girlfriend with another guy – and they look really comfy together. Imagine receiving stupid questions and comments regarding your Facebook status.
Or perhaps you receive threats, unsolicited messages to “like” certain Facebook pages, or you get tagged in pictures that have nothing to do with you. These may all prove stressful – and you might find yourself anxious, tired, and perhaps even cranky.